Fuel-Saving Apps in Sydney: A Guide to Finding Cheaper Petrol

Fuel prices in Australia have been a rollercoaster ride in recent years, with various factors like the pandemic and international conflicts causing fluctuations at the petrol pump. To combat these uncertainties, many motorists are turning to fuel-saving apps to find the best deals and optimize their fuel expenses. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top-rated fuel-saving apps available for Sydney drivers.

  1. My 7-Eleven
  • Cost: Free

My 7-Eleven is a handy app that caters specifically to 7-Eleven fuel stations. The app’s main features include locating the five nearest 7-Eleven fuel stores based on your location, identifying your preferred fuel type, and displaying the best local prices. A unique feature of My 7-Eleven is the “Fuel Price Lock,” which allows users to choose their preferred fuel type, search for the best local price, and lock it in for up to seven days.

Beyond fuel savings, the app offers a loyalty program that rewards motorists on their seventh visit, and eligible purchases can earn Velocity Points, adding an extra layer of savings for frequent users.

  1. Petrol Spy
  • Cost: Free

Petrol Spy is another crowd-sourced fuel app that relies on users to submit fuel costs at various service stations. Users who contribute by reporting fuel prices are entered into a daily draw for a chance to win a $25 fuel card. The app provides historical fuel price cycle graphs for both unleaded and E10 fuels, helping users make informed decisions about when to fill up.

  1. Fuel Map Australia
  • Cost: Free

Fuel Map Australia is a comprehensive fuel app that offers a crowd-sourced database of petrol stations and fuel prices across the nation. It also provides real-time fuel prices for Western Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland, sourced from government resources. Users can easily locate petrol stations on an in-app map, with branded pins indicating the last known fuel prices.

A useful fuel log feature is included in the app, enabling users to track their fuel purchases and monitor their vehicle’s fuel economy over time.

  1. Vroom Fuel Price Compare
  • Cost: Free

Vroom Fuel Price Compare, while not a national app, focuses on fuel prices in Western Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland. Unlike other crowd-sourced apps, Vroom relies on government data to provide up-to-date fuel pricing information for nearby petrol stations. The app also offers directions to your chosen service station, making it easier to find the best deals on fuel.

  1. Motormouth
  • Cost: Free

Motormouth is a unique app that relies on a network of roaming drivers, major fuel retailers, and service station operators to provide details about fuel prices at various outlets. Users who contribute by submitting prices earn credits that can be redeemed for extra benefits. The app reports prices for approximately 4,500 service stations nationwide and uses a color-coded system to indicate the price bands – green for the cheapest, yellow for mid-range, and red for the most expensive. Tapping on a coloured dot reveals site details and fuel prices.

With fuel prices in Sydney and across Australia prone to fluctuations, using a fuel-saving app can be a smart strategy to save money at the petrol pump. These apps not only help you find the best fuel prices but also offer additional features like loyalty rewards and fuel purchase tracking. As you navigate the ups and downs of the fuel market, consider downloading one of these apps to help you put more in the tank for less.

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