Jeep Grand Cherokee Water In The Car

The WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee have several known electrical faults that are considered to be “common”. Topping this list is electrical issues with the computer systems that are located in small compartments below the passenger seat.

The drivers side has one of these compartments two, which houses the battery.

Any vehicle that has a sunroof is susceptible to the sunroof drains blocking up over time. This is caused by sediment buildup. It can be reduced by routine cleaning and making sure the dirt build up does not get out of control, however sometimes it just cant be prevented.

Once the drains block up the sunroof channels cant hold the water and it spills over into the cabin of the car. This is annoying at the best of times as it gets the interior of your car wet, however when its excessive the small compartment below the passenger seat fills up with water.

Unfortunately this compartment houses several of the vehicles computers. Watch this short clip that shows demonstrates the problem.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Sunroof drains.…

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