Jeep Grand Cherokee Stuck in Park

Hi there Dannie here from GDL automated services here’s just a quick little video to show you Jeep owners who had the Jeep Grand Cherokee. What to do if the vehicle gets in a position where it’s stuck in park and you can’t get it out of gear. This can be caused by mobile issues normally it’s because of a battery issue. So, here we go. I’ll show you what to do if you need to get out of the park, without having power to issue. So in here. Under this little cubby thing at the very back is a plastic trim where the hinges are that pops up quite easily. And you’ll see this here, little picture of Harry Potter spell book with the red cable on it, so you got to get a flat blade screwdriver and flick this little gear, that’s inside this, it’s not all that easy. across and then pull this red cable up, it’s gonna be quite tight and won’t easily come to you You’re really young color. You may need. There you go. And there you go, that’s all there is to it. That is now in neutral. When you’re done with whatever you’re doing. You will need this flat blade screwdriver to release it as well. So there you go, that’s how to get a Jeep at a park if you have no power.
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