Jeep Grand Cherokee DPF 100% Full

The Jeep Grand Cherokee will do a DPF Burn on its own without the need for a diagnostic scan tool to force it to do so. The catch is there are two requirements for the car to do this on its on.

  1. The perimeters requited must be met. These include the engine coolant temperature, the vehicle speed and rev range.
  2. The vehicle will not do a burn on its own if there are any other diagnostic fault codes stores inside the vehicles PCM.

If either of these two requirements are not met. the DPF will not do a burn on its own and will need a diagnostic scan tool to force it to do so. If one is not available the vehicle will eventually display the text based warning on the dash that the diesel filter is 100% full.

Also of note here. Depending on the scan tool in question. Any Jeep grand cherokee’s newer than 2018 may require the security bypass harness as well as the OBD2 plug.

In this video Dannie takes us through a quick display of this very issue arising for a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee and why the car won’t do the DPF burn on its own.…

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