Toyota Class Action: Hilux, Fortuner & Prado

On 16 May 2022, the Federal Court of Australia delivered an important judgment in favour of the applicants and group members in this class action.

Eligible group members are entitled to be paid money to compensate them for the reduction in value of their effected vehicles and for the excess GST they paid as a result of acquiring their vehicles at prices which were higher than the true value of those vehicles.

The Claim Relates to the DPF (Diesel Particular Filter) Fault. The Filters Would not do a Burn as required causing the car to blow out white smoke and in some cases go into limp mode.

Lawyers have argued that Owners are entitled to compensation due to loss of income whilst vehicles are off road. However the primary argument that has passed the courts is that the vehicle was over priced due to this issue. Owners had trouble selling the car own for a fair price due to the fault.

Toyota has the opportunity to appeal this decision which, if successful owners would receive no compensation. If Toyota is unsuccessful in that appeal process owners stand to receive somewhere between $8000-$15000 compensation.

To receive this you ust be registered with Deloitte Lawyers. Click here for the registration forms.…

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