Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine Mount

The three litre diesel engine fitted to the Jeep grand Cherokee is known for a few common faults. Most of which we have covered off in the article you can read here. One of the not so common issues that still shows up occasionally is the failure of the engine mounts for these engines.
Traditionally the passenger side mount always fails first. This is because off the load placed on the mount as the engine twists with torque. Over time this load will cause the mount to fail.
The mounts are hydraulically filled and when they fail, the hydraulic component ruptures and leaks a think, brown, milkshake like liquid across the top of the steering and front diff unit. In exceptionally bad cases the fluid can eventually find its way to the ground. Normally this is not the case, the fluid just makes its way over the diff and dries. If you view the image with this article you will see the staining  we are referencing. If you have this coloured stain on your vehicle, check your engine mounts.
Replacement is a little tricky but not insanely difficult. Loosen both the mounts and raise the motor enough to remove the mount.
The same part number is used for the left and the right mounts. i.e.: they are interchangeable.
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