Jeep Grand Cherokee Code: C2221 Diff motor.

A very common fault with the Grand Cherokee is the fault code C2221 which points to a fault with the ELSD which is the small electric motor that fits to the side of the rear Differential unit.

If you have this code you more than likely have a faulty rear diff motor.

Your symptoms will be warning lights on the dash including but not always all of the following. Service 4Wd system, the red lightning bolt warning light, Traction control light and ABS warning light.

As far as drivability is concerned the failure of this motor can give the sensation of the rear diff binding up on slow tight turns.

What we are facing is a lot of workshops and private owners have recently replaced this motor and get the same faults return believing “it cant possibly be the motor i just replaced that”

Aftermarket options are far inferior to Genuine Jeep. Yes Jeep parts are expensive but if you buy aftermarket you might as well buy five before you get a good one and then you might as well have just bit the bullet and purchased the genuine part. We have replaced several of these which were new “ebay” purchases that had to be thrown in the bin and have a genuine part fitted.

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