Introducing Premium Car Search (Vehicle Brokers)

Help me buy a new car!
I need someone to buy my new car for me!
I don’t know what to look for when buying a new car
How do I get the best price on a new car?
These are all questions that many people ask when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. Fear not we now have a valuable ally in our quiver and they are ready to help you.
We would like to introduce the latest asset to our team. Adrian and Deborah are the members of
our vehicle buying service and we would like to extend a welcome to them and introduce this service
to all our valued clients. We believe that Adrian and Deborah can offer a service that will be of
benefit to all of you, saving you both time and money. Adrian and Deborah source new or pre-
owned vehicles Australia wide, delivering to your door and can assist with your trade. Give us a call
to discuss how they can further assist you. This is an additional service that we extend to all our
clients for no charge.
Adrian: 0410 004 874
Deborah: 0402 522 673
Adrian and Deborah are co owners of Premium car Search.
Premium Car Search offers a premium car brokering service to clients and optimizes excellence in customer service and satisfaction irrespective of the vehicle a client wishes to purchase, be it new, pre owned or a commercial vehicle.
We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service and believe trust and loyalty with our clients is paramount.
Premium Car Search offers complete services to its clients:
Search for the car that suits your needs and budget best
Tender out to multiple dealerships to make sure we obtain the best possible price
Have a 24 hour turnaround on pricing to come back to you
Arrange delivery of your car to your home or work place
Securing The Vehicle
(A Docusign is sent to the client)
Help me buy a new car About Adrian
Adrian has worked in the car industry since 1998. As a car broker he has a comprehensive knowledge and interest in all manufacturers vehicles. Adrian feels that patience, honesty and integrity are the keys to resulting in high client satisfaction. Adrian at Premium Car Search offers a professional , friendly service that will make your buying experience smoother, less time consuming and more enjoyable. He delivers a personal car broker service with thorough industry knowledge at no cost to you. Let Adrian’s friendly and expert manner assist you in your search in finding the perfect car for you.
About Deborah
Deborah is a highly motivated and extremely organized individual with multiple administrative skills. She has a background in Business and Finance and spent over 13 years in administrative managerial positions. Deborah has a strong commitment to customer service with sound analytical and strategic skills. Deborah enjoys establishing and fostering client relations. She believes that communication is a vital tool and one that can often be neglected in business. Deborah brings the female perspective into the car buying world for Premium Car Search and believes that a high standard of service should be delivered at all times.
Please feel free to contact them via the website you can locate here. Be sure to inform them that you came to them from GDL.

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