Mechanic with after pay Northern Beaches

Do you need your vehicle repaired or serviced urgently but done have the funds to outlay for the work upfront?
We are very excited to announce that GDL Automotive now offers zip pay. This is the same as after pay.
You Simply apply to have your account activated, get approval for your repairs and your on your way.
Looking for a mechanic that offers payment plans?
Mechanic that lets you pay your bill off
Mechanic with payment options Northern beaches
Mechanic that lets you pay your bill off Northern beaches
Mechanic that offers payment plans Northern beaches
An age old issue that has come up when quoting our valued customers for unexpected repairs needed is the budgeting and funding for this. Whilst some customers are in a position to pout unforeseen costs onto a credit card this is not always open to all consumers. Zip pay allows for you to basically put the invoice onto a payment scheme with an interest free period. With good budgeting this can allow you to pay your unexpected invoice amount in stages avoiding a interest rate.
Zip money charges the supplier (GDL Automotive in this case) a percentage of the repair costs. This fee is not allowed to be passed onto the client. This is a win win for all involved. Zip makes some money, GDl Automotive secures a sale they would have otherwise missed out on and the customer has flexible payment terms.
In some but not all cases Zip will also allow you pay your invoices using your pay pal account.
For more information you can visit the Zip pay website here
If you wish to utilise this service through GDL automotive simply make your booking and let our store manager you wish to pay using Zip Pay. You will be forwarded the information you need to create your account, get approval and your on your way.
Currently this is only available at our Warriewood Store.

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