Volvo C30 Review

The Volvo C30 is a unique Swedish car with a very unusual rear end. Styling and looks designed to turn heads are only really comparable to the Renault Megane.
The C30 is a three door option for Volvo and runs most of the same Volvo mechanics and styling. This is a perfect car for someone who loves the Swedish make but needs something a little more compact that the V70 or or S range of vehicles.
The engine is the 2.4 five cylinder option used inlet of the Volvo range however many consumers are complaining of a lack of get up and go in the C30. Other negatives seem to be the minimal cargo space however many feel that the expectation of a large cargo space in a. three door vehicle is unreasonable. For a small compact hatch this is not a bad vehicle with many of the luxury options and a unique looking vehicle.
Volvo C30 common problemsCommon faults to keep an eye out for especially if you’re looking to buy one second hand.
Front suspension bushes, primarily the control arm bushes are prone to splitting, giving movement in the front wheels that can make the vehicle feel floaty and cause reduced braking and steering performance.
The front rotors are prone to warp causing brake shudder, machining these rotors is normally not an option as the soft metal compound gives exceptional breaking capabilities at the cost of chewing through rotors. If you have the dreaded Volvo shudder, replace the pads and rotors.
Central locking faults are very common on these vehicles, check the central locking works before buying one of these.
This little car is rather heavy on the fuel consumption so watch out for that if your looking for a cheap ergonomic run around hatch you may want to move past this car.
Recalls seem to be relatively low with the only red flag for us being the rear wheel stud issues. incorrect rear wheel studs were fitted to some year models so be sure to check that recall has been carried out, lest you literally lose a wheel.
Whilst some Volvos are affected but eh takata air bag recall the C30 seems to have missed out on that issue. We still advise checking this with however all our research suggests this model dodged a bullet on that one.
All in all the C30 is not a bad car, it has some very unique features and is a little quirky which for some iOS perfect. Mechanically there is no reason not to buy one, however be mindful of servicing costs on any European car compared to Japanese ones. We have covered that issue in the article below.
The trouble with European vehicles.

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