Holden TM Barina Review

The TM Barina runs in the same engine family as the Astra, the Cruze and the Trax and frankly they are not much chop. This vehicle is manufactured on a budget, the result is you can buy a car and drive away in it brand new for around $15K. The only way the manufactures are able to do this is by producing the vehicle on a budget, the end result is it is not a very good car. Costs have been cut to keep the retail value of the car low and the consumers are crying out at the end of a few short years. Lots of unhappy owners, complaining about a variety of problems but most common faults include.
Over heating problems
Engine revving on its own
Ignition coil faults (common on all the Opel vehicles)
Transmission faults
Front upper strut mounts
High fuel consumption
Under powered and un responsive, worse in automatics.
Check engine warning lights for oxygen sensor faults
Many owners leaving complaints relating to these vehicles online are complaining about creature comforts and extra features. Hardly a complaint worthy of making when you are buying the entry level vehicle to the market. A brand new car for $15K that has air conditioning and cruise control is pretty impressive. Ok it may not have reversing cameras, parking sensors and a sun roof but for those features you have to pay more.
Basically this car is a waste of time. It does have some very impressive styling which makes it appealing, particularly with the young ladies. Headlights, cabin space and the tail lights all give this car a bit of character. However thats about all it has going for it.
Mechanically we advise avoiding this vehicle. After a few short years you will be footing some very hefty mechanical repair bills including potential head gasket issues after over heating. This can be extremely expensive. If the retail price is the saving grace for this car and you need something you can drive away from the dealer in, with a bit of change from twenty grand we advise looking at the Mitsubishi Mirage or Nissan Tida.

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