Ford Focus Review (Third Generation) DO NOT BUY

The third generation of the Focus covers vehicles released between 2011-2018 and comes with a warning. Do not buy these cars. There is currently all sorts of legal carry on happening with the Focus powershift transmissions after the ACCc got involved and slapped Ford with a Fine. Currently the world is waiting and watching what will happen next, Ford has not been ordered to fix the issue but its assumed they will. It is no guarantee that they will come good on this and owners of the troublesome transmission may just be stuck with an underivable vehicle.
We have covered this all in the article below.
Ford Powershift transmission fault.
Ford Focus Drift mode reviewAside from that this is the model that came out in 2016 with drift mode. A setting in your car that basically crashes your car for you. Tracy Grimshaw got ahold of this and had a field day with it too. Another black mark against Ford is the seemingly promotion of wreckless driving on public roads.
Mechanically this vehicle is a low cost European vehicle. The same cheap cooling systems plague this vehicle, as they do the cheaper holders currently on the market.
The shocks are known for leaking, water pumps fail, the cooling fan is common for not working resulting in the engine over heating. We have seen two cases of ECU failure in the past eighteen months, key fobs give trouble and key coding is not as straight forward as other vehicles in its class.
They have European style brakes that do offer superior braking over the Japanese counterparts, however we have seen the need to replace these every twenty to thirty thousand kilometres. The RS model is known for giving head gasket problems , which are very expensive repairs and every single one we have seen that is an automatic has given the dreaded power shift transmission fault .If you own an automatic you’re in the unlucky boat with all other Ford owners and that is the boat that is at Fords mercy.
This is a car that is released by a company that has made the headlights twice in two weeks, once for the ACCC $10million fine it copped for the dodgy powershift gearbox issues they tried to sweep under the carpet by blaming the fault on the consumer. The second time was when a representative from our local Ford dealership failed to hang up the phone before calling a client a f@#$wit. The conversation was recorded and broadcast across Facebook. Do you really want to buy a car from this company?
There is nothing good about these, avoid owning one at all costs. We are not badge bias, these cars are pure rubbish, if you have to own a Focus we advise the second generation. You can find our review of these by clicking on the link below.
Ford Focus Review

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