Massive Subaru Engine Recall

Hats off to Subaru. When a recurring problem presented itself Subaru decided to do the right thing by its consumers and develop a repair for the fault and then issued a global recall on the issue. Unlike Ford with the dreaded power shift transmission issues.
almost 400,000 Subarus globally and some Toyotas that share the boxer engine (the eight-six) are being recalled for a faulty valve spring issue. The faulty springs can cause the valves to remain open, or not open at all depending on where in the combustion cycle the engine is at when the fault occurs. The result from this is at best the engine stalls, worst case the valve makes contact with the piston and does major internal engine damage. Whilst doing our research we could not find any documented cases where the latter (internal engine failure) had occurred.
The vehicles involved are 2012-2013 Subaru Impreza, XV Foresters, BRZ and the Toyota 86.
The reason for the recall is purely due to safety. Subaru don’t want clients sailing along ht free way at 110km/h and have their vehicle shut down, nor do any consumers want to be mid intersection when your Subaru suddenly loses power steering, vacuum assisted brakes and brings on all the dash lights.
Subaru have contacted owners of vehicle that have the fault and technicians have been give twelve hours to carry out the repairs. This is a very small time frame for the work that is getting done. This particular repair is major internal engine work and twelve hours is probably not long enough, however once a technician has done a few, twelve hours is achievable. Regardless of how long its worth vs how long it actually takes. consumers need to know that this repair will not be done in one day or a few hours. unlike the airbag recalls that don’t take to long, this is major work and will take a few days.
Be grateful Ford told consumers the problem was their driving, VW lied to the world about emissions, Subaru did the right thing and issued a recall that will cost them billions.
This repair will not cost you a cent. Even if you have serviced you vehicle with independent repairers or if your warranty has expired. Safety recalls apply to all vehicles involved no matter the history of the vehicle.
If you are unsure if you vehicle is one of the ones that needs recalling, contact you local Subaru dealership and check with them. Or you can visit the link below and insert your vin number to see if you have a faulty engine recall on your vehicle.
Subaru recall webpage

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