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Suzuki SX4 Expert Northern Beaches
Dannie Lyman

Suzuki SX4 Review

The SX4 is the love child of both Suzuki and Fiat. This compact small four wheel drive is a very unique vehicle that for the most part is considered somewhat unnecessary. There is nothing overtly wrong with the vehicles with only a few common known faults that are not expensive to have rectified when compared

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Suzuki Specialist Northern Beaches
GDL Auto Blog
Dannie Lyman

Suzuki To Increase Its Prices

The company Maruti Suzuki India limited is an indian based automobile manufacturer and owns 56.21% of Suzuki motor Corporation Japan. So basically Maruti Suzuki is the majority shareholder for the company commonly known in Australia as Suzuki. This indian based company has announced in December 2018 that it will be increasing the prices of its

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Dannie Lyman

Suzuki, Nissan and Mitsubishi in latest scandal.

As the murmur dies down after the VW emissions scandal that rocked the world, the automotive industry has taken another hit with three of its heavyweight players caught up in the latest scandal. A recent merger deal between Nissan and Mitsubishi resulted in Nissan retaining one third of ownership over Mitsubishi for a price tag

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