You’re Using Your Indicator Incorrectly

Rego inspection Mona ValeGranted most BMW indicator stalks are as untouched as Mother Taresa and society has come to accept that as “just the way the world is”, yet a particular behaviour that has come to our attention in recent times has many motorist pulling their hair out.
The issue in question is indicating your intention vs indicating what your actually doing. Allow me to explain. You’re cruising along in a 60Km/h road doing the speed limit and traffic is flowing nicely, then the car in front of you brings the brake lights on, gradually slows down to about 15km/h over the next eight hundred meters. There is a side street coming up, when the vehicle in front of you is about three meters from the street and almost at a complete stop, this is the moment said driver chooses to turn the indicator on to show that they are turning into that side street. This behaviour is unhelpful.
Cars have rear ended one another behind you, there is screeching brakes, smoke, dust, blood, fear and profanities all for want of thirty seconds notice of a drivers intentions.
Indicate earlier, show the world your INTENDED actions, not what you are actually doing. Late indicating is one of the key reasons why small hatch backs with sheep skin seat covers find their way through the glass windows of local sandwich shops.

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