Ford BA & BF Falcon Common Problems

Australian culture dictates that you need to be either a Ford or a Holden fan. It also dictates that you need to be an overweight slob, living in the suburbs and routinely beat your wife. We have built a culture that we are proud of and no one knows why. Drinking beer out of cans, putting sofas on the front porch and doing burnouts in the driveway. As much as the patriotic suburban pie eating slob feels he is backing the Australian economy (assuming he even knows what that word means) the fact still remains that in the global car market both Holden and Ford are not really contenders.
Unfortunately both manufactures have produced some average vehicles over the years, granted that the Europeans and the Asians have also produced some pure filth when it comes to cars, the Ford BA Falcon is a very ordinary car.
Starting at the rear of the car. The spare wheel well, if its not full of rust by now you’re doing well. The spare wheel “hold down strap” is a stupid design that nearly always gets lost. Almost every BA or BF Falcon is missing the strap. The common Ford diff bushes problem started with these cars and the hand brake mechanism is just stupid.
Moving forward, commonly known for transmission faults. Engine mounts splitting and power steering problems. The calibre of the manufacturer is so magnificent that the common fault of a shudder through the steering at low speeds was diagnosed as “characteristic of the car” and not a hydraulic system full of air.
The BA was so superb that the push rod in the brake booster was commonly known to hold the brake master cylinder on. This gave you the results of driving with one foot on the brake all the time. The brakes cooked, the rotors warped and the steering wheel shuddered.
Ford Falcon Common problems.In similar fashion to the early model Territories these cars are made of Duplo. Everything plastic inside the car is known to break. Bonnet release cables, inner door handles and the centre console crumble in your hand the third time you use them. The seat rails break, ignition coils fail and the TPS sensor is known for behaving like a fat kid in a public swimming pool.
Engine wise these cars are not too bad. They are the same engine being used since Longshanks took one on his crusades. They are known for leaking inlet manifold gasket and timing chain tensioner leaks.
Add a whole new level of rubbish, they released a turbo charged XR6 model. Enter every young bloke who ever thought of touching himself whilst his parents went out to dinner.
The XR6 Turbo is a poor excuse for a performance car. Yes massive power can be pumped through the robust engine, but slam all that through a sluggish, troublesome automatic transmission, then hit your old man up for money to replace it because it died whilst you were “just driving normally”.
But die hard keyboard warriors will argue the fact, “my XR6 does this or that, this much down the quarter mile, blah blah blah”. Face it kiddos you bought a four door taxi so you could pick up multiple women of questionable morals outside Mona Vale Hotel on a Thursday night. It doesn’t go around corners well, when you come to a grinding halt the whole car shakes more than Michael J Fox and near falls to pieces and uses more fuel than a Boeing 747.
The XR6 is about as high performance as Syphillis is sexually arousing.
The long and the sort of it is, don’t buy a Ford Falcon.

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