WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee Stuck In Park After Service

The common issue of a WK2 Grand Cherokee’s transmission involuntarily shifting into park mode has three potential causes. Firstly, some people inadvertently trigger this behaviour by leaving their driver’s doors open, causing the vehicle to engage park mode. Secondly, the use of incorrect transmission oil can lead to this problem. Make sure you are filling it with Penrite ATF BMV

The third and most prevalent cause relates to the pan and filter mechanism within the eight-speed transmission of the WK2 model. This pan and filter combo is required for the transmission fluid to flow through the gearbox. It incorporates an O-ring and a small snout that fits into the transmission, the filter below it and then finally the pan itself. If the snout is damaged, such as through a pinched O-ring or a cracked and marred snout, the fluid fails to flow through the gearbox efficiently, prompting the transmission to engage a failsafe, reverting the vehicle to park mode. To prevent this scenario, ensuring the use of OEM Standard filter kits like Ryco, or Genuine is crucial to avoid this issue, as well as proper installation. Reference our instructional video for guidance and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more!

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