What’s the difference between a Mechanic and a Mechanical Engineer?

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A Mechanic is far, far different from a Mechanical Engineer. I do not find much similarity in both of them, other than the spellings (which is attributed much to historical reasons.)
Don’t take me wrong. I am not saying a mechanic is less important than mechanical engineer. No! Both are important and have different place in society.
Whats the difference a mechanical engineer and a mechanicA good mechanical engineer has much broader knowledge in variety of fields including automobile, power plants, machines, fluid, airplanes, structures electronics, instrumentation etc. They take consideration of designing from strength, economics, user experience, environmental hazards, safety and lot more.
A mechanic, on the other hand, has much more specific knowledge, skill and importantly experience in his specific work.
Mechanical engineers, study on working and designing of things. They do not practice “how to repair” things.

It is agreeable, to think that if a person knows how a machine works and can design it, then he should also know how to repair it.
This is true if the machine is as simple as a conventional ball pen (well even this can go complex and we have designers and pen-repair shops too!!)
But as and when the complexity increases (from small tools to say bicycle to two-wheeler to cars to airplanes to LHC), different divisions and specializations emerge and the different divisions become more and more prominent.
As a simple example, you would have seen a bicycle user often repairing his vehicle himself. Ever seen a pilot repairing the airplane himself? The division becomes broader and broader.
Given the poor standard of teaching in many colleges all over the world, many mechanical engineers don’t even know what happens inside the car, when the key is turned!  – A bitter truth. 
Similarly It is ridiculous to assume that a Mechanical Engineer has the knowledge level that exceeds that of a mechanic. These are different qualifications in a similar fled.
Being a mechanical engineer gives one the theoretical understanding of how something works not how to repair it or its reliability.

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