What You Should And Should Not Admit To After A Car Accident

At the scene of any accident, emotions are always running high. People say and do stupid things when they are emotionally charged. The results of this can be harmful to yourself and your income.
If ever you are involved in any sort of incident from large scale high speed collisions to small car park scratches, my advise is to never ever admit fault at the scene of the accident. There are some blanket rules that determine fault such as – who ever is in reverse is a fault, if you rear end someone you at fault and if you collide with a Bus you’re at fault. Even if you are in one of these situations do not admit to fault.
Im not suggesting you lie or try to claim the other party is at fault all i am saying is to exchange details and let your insurance company determine who is at fault.
If you have admitted fault at the scene and it turns out you’re not at fault or the guilty party is a little unknown, it becomes very difficult for your insurer to fight on your behalf if you have  already admitted fault. Once you admit fault you can say good bye to your insurance excess. If you reserve fault determination for the insurance companies to establish you bay be pleasantly surprised.
Just exchange details and let the professionals do what they do best.
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