NRMA Narrabeen: Is it the same as NRMA Insurance?

Clearing up the confusion surrounding NRMA and the number of hats they wear in the Automotive Industry. NRMA has been around since 1920 and was originally established to campaign for better road and driving conditions. From there the company grew over the next century to the point now that it has many branches under its umbrella.
The first is NRMA Motorserve which has recently been rebranded to NRMA car Servicing. This is the mechanic workshop across the country that offer car servicing and repairs. These stores operate as a chain in a similar manner to Kmart tyre and Auto (now My Car), Ultratune or Midas.
The second part to the company is the Insurance side of things. NRMA insurance covers all forms of insurance from motor vehicles, home and contents through to income and  even pet insurance.
The third hat and the one most people are familiar with is the Road side assistance division of NRMA. This is the blokes in vans and Utes that come to your rescue if you break down, lock your keys in your car or get a flat battery. This is the division of NRMA that we highly endorse. It is absolutely worth having NRMA road side assistance on your vehicle. The yearly membership costs are equivalent to one tow truck call out fee so you only have to require them once per year to get your value out of them.
We do need to clarify that being a customer of one of the NRMA Divisions does not lock you to the others. Just because you have your CTP insurance with NRMA does not mean you have to have your car serviced by them. No does having your car serviced by them mean you have to get your insurance with NRMA. These three sides to NRMA all operate as seperate entities.

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