Every S15 you see has a front mount intercooler on it. Why? because any monkey can fit an intercooler (although what we have seen come through our shop suggests not any monkey should try). Turbo charging your car is not as straight forward as the banana peeling work that is fitting a front mount. Too often the dream project car does not get completed and most of the time its only due to poor budgeting caused by lack of knowing what’s actually required.
A weekend away with the boys, a slab of Bundy and your iPhone, often ends one of two ways. The first way we won’t discuss because this is PG rated, but the second results in you on Gumtree buying a “complete turbo kit to suit AE86 carrolla” followed by the sub line “it works bro, I saw it on my cousins car”.  You buy this awesome piece of equipment which in turn empties your Dollarmite childhood savings account but that’s ok because you truly believe this contraption will make you irresistible to the opposite sex.
A few weeks later you drive to your mechanic and hand him a manifold, a dump pipe and a turbo. He informs you that there are some vital components missing and your heart sinks. The purchase of this amazing get up has sucked your bank balance dry and mum does not deem turbo changing the Hyundai Elantra that she gave you as a “getting an UAI more than 45 gift (bribe)”, is classed as a financial emergency.

What’s possibly missing? What more could you possibly need? It’s easy t4right?

We see this a lot in the workshop but the reality is there is possibly a few thousand dollars worth of odds and ends that the average car enthusiast does not take into account when budgeting for such a build. Additional the “its easy right” mentality is something we are regularly combating.

If you are of the belief its easy ask yourself and honestly answer this. Do you genuinely believe you’re the first person to plan to turbo charge a Mitsubishi Mirage.  If it was so easy hundreds of thousands of people would have already done it.  No you’re not the first person to think of this and the reason the rest of the enthusiast world have not done it is because their UAI was possibly a little above 45. It costs a lot of money to do these modifications properly and the main cost lies in all the little bits and bobs your “complete turbo package” failed to supply. There is nothing wrong with wanting to build a unique car that has not been done often but you need to do your research and be prepared to fund the little items too.

We oftet3n see unfinished projects that go back to the clients home due to a lack of funds and poor budgeting. In an attempt to help you avoid this happening here is a list of what we often have to place before the client. Not all of these items are needed for every conversion but as a general rule this is what you need.

Aftermarket ECU
Front mount intercooler
interccoler piping
Silicone joiners
catch can or some other intake recirculation

Air filter set up including mounting  brackets and adaptors
airflow meter adaptor
turbo (turbo charging a car without a turbo is pre 35 UAI behavior)
Dump Pipe
High Flow Catalitic converter


Blow Off Valve
Modifications to the sump to allow oil return
Oil supply fittings to turbo at engine Block
Oil supply fitting to turbo at turbo end
Oil return fitting at sump
Oil return fitting at turbo
Oil return line
Oil Supply line
Coolant supply and return fittings at block
Coolant supply and return fittings at turbo
Coolant Supply line

Vacuum hoset1
AN Fittings
Waste gate actuator
External waste gate (if using one)
Screamer pipe (if using one)
Upgraded fuel injectors
Upgraded fuel pump
Upgraded Fuel pressure regulator
Different temperature sparkplugs
Battery Relocation kit (if required)
Slim line cooling fans (often needed when turboing FWDs)
Boost guage
Oxygen sensor relocation (depending on the vehicle)

Then if you’re trying to push serious power the internals need to be upgraded but that’s a whole other story.
So add all that up and it comes to a grand total of three times the value of what someone’s unfinished project is selling for on drift sales.

Our point hetre is not to scare you off doing these kind of crazy modifications, we love to see these cars up and running on the street but you need to be realistic about it. You need to budget and accept its not a quick easy job and that you will require a lot of other parts. In addition to this you do need to be realistic with yourself when it comes to your use of the car. Driving your SR to uni and back every day on 78PSI with a brass button clutch a 2Way and maximum negative camber is in the same box as heating your backyard swimming pool using your electric blanket.

All in all, we would love to see our clients carry out the dreams that are created around, camp fires, drunken parties and fast car films but you need to do your research and budget accordingly then its a pleasurable experience for all involved.

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