What Is The best Second Hand Car?

Brand Loyalty does not equal an opinion with any credibility. Almost every Hillbilly will tell you that their preferred beer is the best, all ladies claim that they have the best hairdresser and even Ryan Reynolds acknowledges that “we are all really good guys” even when referencing sociopaths and other delinquents.

So when it comes to decent second hand cars, who knows the answers? Who’s advise do you trust? In short it’s really only you that you need to listen to. Answering the question what is the best used car is subject to yours and wants. If you need two door ute buying a VW Golf is not going to be a wise call (of note, a Golf is rarely a wise call)

However if we are only basing this of mechanical reliability. There is only really two cars we recommend as the top of the list.

Check out the video where Dannie unpacks the best used cars on the market and why.

What is the best used car and Why?

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