We Will Match Your Capped Price Service.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 12.04.09 PMDo you want to use a small trustworthy mechanical workshop but would rather use the dealerships “Capped Price Servicing” to ensure low cost servicing?
Do you like the “no surprise” security of the Capped Price Service offered by the dealers?
We have the solution for you. GDL Automotive Services is introducing a new product, where we will match Capped Price Servicing.
It will ensure that you keep your vehicle service costs to a minimum whilst using a workshop with a known and trusted reputation.
Trusting your car with GDL Automotive Services gives you peace of mind and a level of convenience second to none. Our vision is a real and living dream to make a real difference in the world.
We strive to “Undo the public’s industry mistrust of automotive repairers by developing a relationship with every client built on honesty, open communication and by removing the frustration of getting to and from the repairer”.
We personally promise that your experience when dealing with GDL will be something you have never come across before when dealing with an automotive repairer.
As with all things in life “conditions apply”. Read on to know the deal we offer and the conditions that apply.
We are willing to match Capped Price Servicing offered by the manufacturer and the dealership that sold you your new car.
Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 12.04.46 PMWhen dropping your vehicle off for your Capped Price Service, we will require the documentation from the dealer which specifies the service interval, the price they are offering and any additional information relating to the service.
This offer is only available to clients that are currently eligible for Capped Price Servicing through a Dealership and will expire at the same time and or milage covered by the contract offered by the selling dealer.
Capped Price Servicing through GDL Automotive Services will only cover the items listed in the manufacturers hand book as per the service schedule. It will not cover any additional repairs needed out side of the service schedule.
Call now and arrange to have your service experience enhanced and your perception of the auto industry modified greatly. (02) 9979 5933

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