Honda Jazz 2007-2013 Common Problems

Continuing on in our series of articles that cover the Honda Jazz. This cover the second Generation of the Jazz which release dates range from 2007- 2013.
We covered the first generation Jazz in a previous blog that can be viewed by clicking the link below.
Honda Jazz 2001-2008 Common Problems
This model Jazz would be the best model Jazz ever released. Not much really went wrong with these cars. Honda got rid of the troublesome CVT transmission in the model and for some reason went back to it in the next generation Jazz.
The most common problem would be the rear shocks always leak fluid nearly everyone of them will do it. If you are looking to buy one second-hand, make sure the car you are looking at has already had the rear shock absorbers replaced. If not, knock a few quid off the price.
jazz rear brakesA minor design flaw in this model Jazz means the rear brake pads don’t last long. Its not uncommon for this model Jazz to go through rear brakes quicker than fronts. Additionally the inner pad will always wear out quicker than the outer pad on the Jazz. So checking the brakes by looking through the wheel won’t give you an accurate reading. The wheels need to come off and the inner and outer pads checked. This model is the only Jazz to run the pad and disc type. The first generation and the third generation have drum type rear brakes. The disk brake is mechanically a better design.
jazz problem with ratsThe other most common fault with these cars is not a fault with the car itself but rather the rodents. We don’t know why but rats love getting in between the air intake and the gearbox and chewing threw the wiring harness where the shift solenoids are. This causes the gearbox light to appear and hard gear changing. If you have this model Jazz we recommend some rat baits in the garage.
And thats about it for this model. They are a top notch car in our opinion. If you are in the market for a small hatch back type car you can’t go past this model Jazz.

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