VW Golf MK7 Review

Of all the Golfs available on the market this one is so far the best. There are a few things to keep an eye out for but the advantages of having Das Auto revise the same model for the past forty years means this vehicle is not to shabby at all.
Compared to its competitors it runs rings around them as far as handling, driver comfort and they drive like a sports car when you want them to. VW golfs have always been very impressive when it came to pointing the front end into a high speed corner and hitting the throttle.
The Mk7 comes with a wide variety of great features too, but be ready to pay for them. Sun roof, auto wipers, parking sensors and Bi-Xenon headlights. These features all add to the luxury of the vehicle but be mindful that these can also cost a pretty penny if they ever need replacing.
As with all European vehicles be mindful of the increased service costs when buying a Golf. Even the dealers capped price service campaigns (which we don’t advise, see link below) are a bunch more expensive with the VW than any of its competitors.
Why Capped price servicing is hurting your vehicle.
mk7 golf expertThe Mk7 came with both petrol and diesel engine options all of which are turbo charged.
The 1.4 lt engine is not the motor known for blowing up (see link below) so there is no fear of buying on of these lemons with this model.
VW 1.4 Twin charged engine Fault
They do still run the DSG transmissions that several users are still having troubles with, if looking to land one of these second hand be very careful about buying one if you suspect there is something wrong with the transmission. We have covered the DSG transmission in this article below.
DSG transmission fault
Another known issue with the petrol engines is the oil consumption issues. The super thin grade of oil used is causing the motors to burn oil between services, this made worse by recommended service intervals that exceed 5,000Kms means many Mk7 golfs are running low or out of oil. The fine print in your owners handbook will state that at each fuel refill the owner should be checking and topping up the engine oil. Something to be mindful of if buying new, however if looking to buy second hand be sure to check service history and the condition of the oil dipstick and under the oil cap. An engine that has frequently run low over out of engine oil is problematic.
Several owners are also reporting problems with the digital interface which incorporates the entertainment and sat nav. To date this has always been covered by manufacturers warranty but once warranty is up, this will not be a cheap item to repair or replace..
The 1.0 turbo petrol engine is a daft idea in my opinion, otherwise there is nothing wrong with any of the other engine combinations. VW diesels tend to be more reliable than the petrol engines even if they were built using lies on emission testing.
The Mk7 also seems to have an all electric option which to be honest we have never come across. Our advise is to be careful if considering this as often car manufacturers use the early adopters to test run new technology. We need early adopters in our world to innovate and advance in life but its usually the early adopters who foot the bill too.
Overall there is no reason why one should not buy the Golf, it is a little more expensive than its competitors in both purchase cost and service costs but you get a whole lot more car for your money. It is a beautiful car inside and out and the experience of driving it is sensational.

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