MK 8 Golf to be released in 2019

The MK8 Volkswagen Golf was due to be released just before Christmas 2018 however it has come across some delays caused by software issues , but the company is committed to bringing the new hatch to market later this year.
Industry journal Automotive News Europe claims Volkswagen CEO, Herbert Diess, said in an internal meeting this week the company’s management ‘must ensure’ the new Golf launches by the end of the year. Be Mindful with this statement that this often means European markets see the vehicle before it hits the shores of Australia.
“Currently we are fighting hard with the ramp-up. We will meet our deadline and deliver the first vehicles at the end of this year,” Diess said.
This is a little concerning as no one really wants to by a vehicle that was rushed onto the market. Time will tell.
In our opinion VW recently started getting the golf to a standard that was exceptional. The MK7 was and is and extraordinary vehicle, we can only hope the Mk8 continues in that vein.
Below are our vehicle reviews of the MK 8 predecessors.
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The publication adds internal sources from VW have indicated the German brand is rushing to meet the deadline, though there’s no official word on whether the Mk8 Golf will be in European showrooms before 2020 following its debut around October.
April 2019 and Volkswagen’s brand sales chief, Jurgen Stackmann, said the new Golf was pencilled in for a late-February market launch in Europe, acknowledging that a December rollout runs the risk of the new small car going unnoticed as potential customers shop for Christmas gifts rather than cars.
One of the main barriers the company is facing with its new-generation small car is the sophisticated tech suite, which allows for over-the-air (OTA) updates.
2019 VW Golf This presents roadblocks in terms of cyber security and complex vehicle software – Automotive News Europe says the new car will have 100 million lines of code compared to just 10 million for a new car sold a decade ago.
It’s reported a fully digital cockpit will be standard for all models, while Europe will get an array of different powertrains, including petrol, diesel, natural gas, 48V mild-hybrid, and plug-in hybrid versions.
Unlike the current generation Golf, however, there won’t be an all-electric version despite the company’s electrification strategy.
Australian markets will more than likely have to wait until well into 2020 to see the new car after its released to the European markets
In an interesting development since the diesel emissions saga, VW is very tight lipped about the lack of Diesel engines available to the Australian market.
Australia’s Emissions laws are some of the strictest in the world and the lack of a Diesel engine available to us suggests that VW may not be able to get the emissions to a satisfactory level to pass Australian emissions laws. This is of course all speculation.
Engines for our market will all be petrol, and it’s unlikely we’ll get any of the 48V MHEV versions as they’ll likely only be available from the factory with petrol particulate filters – which aren’t compatible with our sulphur-rich fuel.

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