Volvo XC90 Rattle Under Acceleration

The first generation of the Volvo XC90 is not much chop especially compared to its younger brother. The old XC90 does have a number of common faults particularly with the transmission. You can read up about all of these issues by clicking here.
One of the very common faults to occur with the first generation XC90 is a metallic rattle noise that can start showing under heavy acceleration and progressively get worse until it’s heard under all acceleration.
Volvo Rattle when driving The main cause for this is a perished engine mount on the drivers side top of the motor. It is also commonly refereed to as a dog bone engine mount. Its functions more as a stabilizer than a mount per-say however it does perish int he same manner as an engine mount. The rubber tears through on the mount and allows the motor to move around inside the bracket causing the metallic rattle noise.
this is not a particularly difficult repair to under take, in fact any DIY mechanic would be able to change this stabilizer over and it should not be taking anyone more than an hour to do so.
Aftermarket options for this mount/ stabilizer are acceptable as they appear to do the task required just as well as any OEM part for a fraction of the cost. This Job is quiet literally unbolting two bolts making sure the motor is sitting in the right location, if its not just move it slightly with a jack and fit the new mount.
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