Volvo Thermostat Recall

Many new model Volvos are currently getting recalled for a fault with the engine thermostat.
Warning: There is a possibility, depending on the course of action that customers take, that may cause this fault to not be covered by manufacturers warranty. if you own an new model Volvo you need to be informed of this issue and beside that you know the best course of action. If you act accordingly this fault will be covered under the recall from Volvo and won’t cost owners anything.
Basically the thermostat internally fails. There is an electrical component inside the thermostat unit called a heating element that fails. The good news is this is electronically controlled. This means that when the fault occurs the check engine light will come on before any overheating issues or electrical issues occur.
This is where owners need to be careful. If you contact the dealer as soon as you notice the check engine light you will have this fault covered by the factory recall. However if you choose to ignore this light and continue to drive the vehicle risking it or adapting the mentality of “she’ll be right” you can cause massive damage to two different systems of the vehicle.
Firstly and obviously there is a risk that with a thermostat not operating as it should, an overheating problem can occur which can damage many engine cooling system components including damaging a head gasket.
More likely than that is the risk of electrical damage to the engine ECU. This is a very common issue as the electrical system that fails in the heating element of the thermostat can spike the engines computer and fry the ECU. Once this occurs the whole computer also known as an ECU will need to be replaced. If this happens due to the owner ignoring the check engine light, Volvo will not cover it under the factor recall.
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