The Modified Performance Car Owner

nicThere is a battle going on in our marketing division. We are torn between the modified performance car owners and the family car owners. There are pros and cons to both and we are trying to accommodate a formula that will allow us to market to both.
Family car owners have more disposable income, view the car as a necessity and will often get all work carried out by a mechanic. The trouble with the family car owner is they are such a broad spectrum that marketing to them is hard. Getting them to engage with advertising, Facebook and even this blog is a very hit and miss process.
The performance car guys are so easy to market to its amazing. For example $189 spent last month on a Facebook advertising campaign focused solely on the modified car scene bought in just under 500 new page likes in a month. At the same time a campaign, of equal budget ran that was targeting the family car owners which won us just under 100 new page likes
lucasThe catch is, as a general rule the performance car owners are not great clients. They often possess the skill set to carry out a lot of work on their cars themselves and thus basic servicing and repairs don’t come to a mechanic. You can hardly blame them for that.
In spite of being precious about their vehicle and often clearly showing great pride in it, the performance car owner is known for shopping around and no matter what the catch, opting for the cheapest of anything. This is a generalization but we experience it a lot. Getting asked to price match a stupidly low quote from over 300Kms away or told “I can get it cheaper off ebay” This make no sense to us. We live in a market where you get what you pay for and the performance car owners know this but still nearly always opt for the cheapest option. If you’re passionate about something why are you fitting inferior parts in it with the cheapest labour rate you can find?
The performance car owner is obviously passionate about their car. In most cases take great pride in it and end up with some great looking cars. So naturally they want the quality of the job to be very high. They are meticulous with vehicles and any slight imperfection in mechanical work is often raised.
The final issue that arises with the performance car market is because these people are in love with their vehicles they don’t want to part with it for very long at all. The sooner you can have your car back the better right.
So we end up with clients wanting a job done 110% with utter perfection, they want to fit ebay parts made on the cheap and they want us to fit them for as little as possible and as quickly as possible.
In the film Fast and Furious there is a scene where a banged up Toyota Supra arrives in a workshop, for a very brief moment you see this sign on the wall (you have to pause the film to read it, that’s how quick it shoots past)
good-cheap-fast-serviceThis sign reads true. We may have to begin working on the mentality of the average car enthusiast as it can be frustrating to do business with. Your probably asking yourself why do we even bother with them as they sound like so much hard work?
There are two reasons. Firstly most of the people involved in this culture are amazing people and we love them as people. Socially they are great to be around but the second reason is we too are part of this culture and we love it.

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