The Woo Gets a Brake Upgrade

deawooOne of the more popular modifacations undergone by modified car builders is upgrading drum brakes to a disc brake set up from a newer model of the smae vehicle. You just reasearch the sports modles of your vehicle and head to the wreaking yard to buy the rear brakes. We tried this with the Deawoo but no model of the Lanos ever came out with rear disc brakes. This did not stop us.
The biggest battle with this was finding a vehicle with disc brake rear end that had the same bolt pattern for the rear hubs. We visited a wreaking yard in Western Syndey called Pick and Pay Less. This yard is a huge paddock full of dormant cars where you take your own tools and remove what you want from the cars yourself and pay for it at the gate when leaving.
Whilst at Pick and Pay Less we found a Lanos as our experimental car and quickly removed the rear drum brakes and the hubs. Then we set about removing the rear hubs off any vehicle we could find that possibly would fit and tried to match them up. After many hours we found that the rear hubs of a Holden TS Astra would fit. However another issue had shown itself.
woobrakes3The TS Astra came with two different wheel stud set ups. Most were a 5 stud pattern and the Deawoo was a four so whilst the hub might bolt up two different wheels types (a four stud for the front and five stud for the rear) would be needed.
Holden did release some of those Astras with four stud hubs but this particular yard had none. We went home a little deflated.
The following week I contacted a local wrecker for another job and asked if he just happen to have a four stud Astra in the shop for wrecking. He said he did and we were straight down there. The spare wheel for The Woo was used to check if the stud pattern was the same and it was.
We could get the hubs cheap if we removed them ourselves so we spent a few hours at ABCO spares removing handbrake, handbrake cable, brake lines, hubs calipers and discs. Back at the shop we spent the best part of a day modifying brackets and lines to make it all bolt up nicely and not foul on anything. We were nearly there but the handbrake cable was the biggest problem. Almost another full day and we had the handbrake working too.
woobrakesThe Woo was now possibly the only rear disc brake Lanos in the world and that was a little bit cool. Next was the fronts. The Lanos sport came with bigger front rotors and calipers then the poverty pack Lanos so we went back to Pick and Payless and found one Sport model. The brake calipers and brackets were ours.
We would never recommend fitting secondhand pads or discs so we organised new ones and waited a few weeks for grooved and dimpled rotors for the front and the rear. The calipers were stripped, sandblasted and painted then rebuilt with new seals and boots. We were nearly there but the Master cylinder needed to be upgraded to handle the bigger calipers. A new master of a Lanos sport which was bigger was purchased and we were done. One of a kind Lanos. Why do we bother?

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