The Best Place on the Northern Beaches to Buy a Used Car

second hand carsIn one of our previous blogs we looked at the problems involved in buying cars from a used car yard and why this was a risk. In previous blog posts, we have also looked at the false sense of safety car yards create by offering a used car warranty, something as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.warriewood mechanic So we are now left with the question “Where should I buy a used car from?” No matter where you buy used cars you are always taking a risk. The aim of the exercise is to minimise that risk. Avoiding used car yards is your first step but that eliminates the most convenient source of cars and the widest selection. Buying the right used car is a lengthy process and should never be done in half a day, but yes, by not using the car yards you have somewhat restricted the options.
The next place to look is online. Websites such as Gumtree and Car Sales have an endless supply of second hand cars. Have a look at these and keep your searches semi local, as you will want to drive to these places to view the cars and driving for three hours, four times within a week to buy a $2000 Pulsar is a little excessive.
Your next option is Social Media. Facebook runs a page called “Northern Beaches Auto Trader”. Admittedly the page has a lot of useless rubbish on their posts like “I may have stolen 3 out of 4 mag wheels, anyone want 3 mag wheels for $50,000″ or ” For sale – used oil filter- done 20,000kms -$3″. But if you can sift through the dribble, there are lots of great local people selling cars locally on Facebook.
newport hillThe most obvious option that most Northern Beaches residents are aware of is the Beloved Newport Hill and Long Reef Headland. Long stretches of Pittwater Road used up by people selling cars privately and preventing locals from parking there on the weekends. Our number one pick is Newport Hill.
The chances of getting a good, well maintained car are the greatest on Newport Hill. We are seeing cars from both locations regularly when clients bring them to us for a pre purchase inspection and we are seeing the ones on Newport Hill tend to be in better condition than those at Long Reef.
It is a gross generalisation but overall it’s believed this is because of the higher income on the northern end of the Peninsula. On average the household income in Pittwatter is higher than that of Warringah and as a result the Pittwater residents have more money readily available for the upkeep and maintenance of their vehicles.
In any case when buying a second hand car we advise that you always get a mechanic you trust to look over the car before you buy it. Bad cars come from wealthy areas and good cars can come from the less wealthy areas. Always get  mechanic to check the car for you first. $100 now could save you thousands latter.

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