Mazda CX5 Review

Mazda_CX-5_common faultsIt’s a rather short blog post. Our normal humour, whilst attacking the short-fall of poorly made cars, are not needed in this case. The C
X5 is almost perfect. It’s a good looking car with very few faults. A quick Google search of CX5 common faults reveals the biggest failing tends to be the calibre of owners who are blocking up forums with requests for LED lights in the mirrors, more chrome and other creature comforts that hardly constitute “common problems”.
The known issues surrounding the CX5s in our experience are few in number. Firstly and probably the greatest issue is the tyre wear. Wheel alignments and checking your tyre pressures will limit this, but only marginally. Unfortunately the fate of a large Mazda SUV owner is that you will go through tyres sooner than most.
Secondly the CX5 comes with three engine options. The 2.0Lt petrol, the 2.5Lt petrol and a Diesel. The smaller petrol engine is a little underpowered an
d copped some flack from early reviews. The 2.5 petrol engine solved this problem and is far more responsive. The Diesel is the most responsive with more power and more torque but as with all diesel vehicles around town, start stop driving is not good for the engine. Unless you doing lots of kilometres and freeway driving the Diesel should be avoided.
CX5_common faults
These cars are so good that we ourselves are looking at one as our future family vehicle. Whilst doing the basic research for this we called a good friend of ours who is currently employed within the spare parts department at a Mazda Dealers
hip and asked him for his take on the CX5. He raved about the 2.5Lt and told us the things we already knew relating to the 2.0lt power issue and the diesel around town problems. We then put the hard question on him “What parts commonly sell for the CX5” he typed away on his little device of some sort and answered “The only things we sell for them are service items”. Service items are things that often need replacing on a car such as brake pads, oil and filters of types.
The car is relatively new so common issues may present themselves as time goes on but at this stage it’s very hard to fault the CX5.

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