Stellantis Continues Customer Service and Parts Pricing Improvements in Australia

Stellantis, the automotive giant, has undergone a change in leadership in Australia, but the company’s commitment to enhancing customer service and parts pricing remains steadfast.

Former Stellantis Australia managing director, Kevin Flynn, prioritized improving after-sales support for existing Jeep owners during his tenure. In a 2020 interview with CarExpert, Flynn acknowledged the need to address customer care and technical support, as the rapid growth in previous years had created a gap in customer service.

Recently, a Stellantis spokesperson, speaking at the launch of the new Grand Cherokee, confirmed that the time spent off the road by damaged vehicles has continued to decrease, indicating progress in after-sales support. The spokesperson also affirmed that Jeep is actively reviewing and striving to make spare and replacement parts more affordable, as promised in 2020. The extensive task of pricing over a million parts is an ongoing process, but Stellantis remains committed to improving affordability without halting the progress made thus far.

Jeep experienced a remarkable surge in popularity during the early 2010s, reaching its peak with 30,408 sales in 2014. However, sales gradually declined afterward, hitting a low of 5,519 units in 2019. Since then, sales have rebounded, with 5,748 deliveries in 2020, 7,762 in 2021, and 6,658 in 2022.

All-new 2021 Jeep® Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve

According to VFACTS data, the brand has delivered 1,566 vehicles in Australia thus far in 2023, representing a 27.5% decline compared to the same period in 2022. However, with the introduction of the new five-seat Grand Cherokee, which has historically been Jeep’s top-selling model in Australia, the brand anticipates bridging this gap as it becomes available for purchase.

Under new management, Stellantis remains dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and affordable parts pricing to Jeep owners in Australia. The ongoing efforts reflect the company’s commitment to addressing past challenges and creating a positive ownership experience for its customers though we feel more could be done as the wait time on parts from overseas is still painful

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