Range Rover Evoque L538 Turbo Failure

This fault applies to the L538 Range Rover Evoke 2.0Lt
A common fault to happen to most of the Range Rover Evoke L538 is the mechanical failure of the turbo. In most cases is Range Rovers and Land Rovers, the turbo failure is caused by oil starvation. This is not the case in the L538 (although oil starvation will still damage these turbo chargers).
The issue with the L538 Turbo chargers is actually caused but the design and production process of the turbo and exhaust manifold.
Range Rover Evoque Turbo problems The turbo charger is part of the exhaust manifold on this vehicle and to create the manifold Land Rover have fused together two castings. Where these castings are welded there is an internal ribbing that can come loose. This piece rattles around inside the manifold making a racket and very quickly jams on the turbine and locks the turbo up. The result is there is no Boost.
Unfortunately this is a costly repair as there are many hours work involved and the complete manifold and turbo has to be purchased as a replacement unit. Fortunately Land Rover has rectified the design and method of construction of this manifold and they issue consumers that the superseded part will not have the same fault. Time will tell but so far they have been correct.
Be careful of purchasing aftermarket replacements for this. Whilst you will save yourself a considerable amount of money if you avoid the genuine Land Rover parts the aftermarket options have been known to either give the exact same fault and or have the turbine completely fail as its an inferior product. This can cause small metal fragments to enter the engine and do catastrophic damage. Saving a few dollars now could cost you tens of thousands latter. Don’t do it.
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