Land Rover Freelander EGR Problem

As we have covered in previous articles, the vehicles fitted with the TD4 are not operating in the intended environment when the car is used for city driving and stop start driving which many of us are doing when we buy these cars. One of the ramifications of this stop start city driving is the engine is not given the opportunities it needs to “breath”. This causes a large build up of carbon on the inside of the inlet manifolds and specifically the EGR valve. Once this carbon build up is excessive or if its left long enough to go hard it can get stuck on the valve stem of the EGR valve and lock it open or closed. It is more common for this to become stuck open.
Once this happens you can remove it and clean it however the success rate for this is actually very low. It is advised that once this fault occurs a new valve is purchased.

Land Rover Freelander EGR Valve
When the fault occurs a check engine light will come on. If the valve is stuck open you will have a complete loss of power as the turbo boost is not getting into the engine.
How can you reduce the chances of this happening? 
Any decent mechanic will advise a routine EGR clean that can be used on the vehicle with out stripping the EGR out of the car. This additives are not one hundred percent efficient, yet they are highly effective at slowing this fault down. This is one of those things we refer to as preventative maintenance. It is advised that this EGR reduction Spray be used on the vehicle at every service.
Should I block off my EGR Valve? 
No you should not. The EGR valve is an emission control devise used to minimise the emissions your Land Rover or Range Rover is pumping into the atmosphere. By blocking it off you are directly adding to the pollution in the atmosphere. additionally Land Rover spend Millions of dollars developing this engine and emission system to operate to its premium capabilities. Some bloke in a tin shed with an off cut of alloy is not going to tout engineer the people at Land Rover. Fix it properly or buy a vehicle you can afford to maintain. Don’t interfere with emission systems on motor vehicles.
GDL Automotive Services has a qualified Land Rover and Range Rover technician in our team. Harith is based at our Warriewood store and you can read up about him and his qualifications by clicking here.
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