With the motor and box now fully assembled on the engine stand the time for talking crap was over and we were faced with the reality that if this thing was going to happen we had to start with the serious stuff. It was time for a motor transplant.


When fitting an RB engine into an S chassis you need a Skyline Crossmember. This is relatively easy when you have the engine bay empty. We did however discover the hard way that fitting the RB into this engine bay is much easier if you leave the steering rack off. The power steering lines run
very close and if your not careful you can damage the power steering lines.
With the motor and box in we sat back and admired our work. The following weeks Nick put his IT experience to use and wired the thing up. Not only is he skilled at this but his OCD means it looked amazing.
Intercooler plumbing was thought to be problematic but after laying out a Skyline cooler kit and a bit of switch and changing we were able to make it fit with no modifing.


The Radiator used was a 52 mil alloy unit made to suit a CA18 180SX and Spal cooling fans which are set up to push not pull went in front of the radiator.
The next big issue for these e


ngines are oil cooling. The oil cooler kit fitted to this is a little overkill. A 30 row cooler kit works hand in hand with the filter relocation kit which looks amazing.
The next major issue for this build was the fuel system. A Walbro fuel pump was purchased however this is not just any Walbro pump. Walbros are noisy pumps, this is due to the generator type pump set up. Our pump is a turbine pump making it quiet. A Nismo fuel pressure reg was fitted and Sard 750cc injectors were fitted.
The brains of the whole project is a Haltech Platinum Sports 2000 which after we told it about our injector upgrade amoung other things we fired the thing up first go.
For a good while the only exhaust this thing had was two HKS dump pipes hanging off the back of the turbos. Needless to say the neighbors were not happy. A HKS Y piece was sourced and a cut and shut was done. From the cat back we found ourselves a Blitz 3 inch system and now the neighbors complained a little less.
It was in plumed up and filled with all required fluids. It was running for now.

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