We have been asking the owners of the cars we have built to do their own write ups for our blog. It mixes up the writing style a little and makes the owners directly involved in our marketing. This one is Alex Halls account of the building of OHSNAP the Black Aerotop manual Turbocharged Supra (that is a big deal but we will get to that later). Part one is less about the car and more about the cars predecessor. The P plate legal version that fueled the fire that became OHSNAP. Read on for lots of great stuff and heaps of pics The Black Supra AKA Ohsnap
This story all started with my love of Supras forming in early 2010, After my 18th birthday party my friend took me home in his Supra and instantly I fell in love with them. Later down the track I was actually allowed to drive his beast which led to me buying my own in November 2011
Needless to say, after having 2 exhaust failures, 2 clutch failures, a window regulator, diff, gearbox mount, 2 radiators, 2 gearboxes, a fuel pump ECU, and swapping a set of brakes over I was over fixing it and paying Dannie from GDL to work on it on a weekly basis. To add to this list of failures (all of which Dannie and myself fixed) we also did engine gaskets, a full set of wheel studds, engine mounts and lots of oil changes.
The car however did perform well from time to time, suprising everyone at both Eastern Creek, Narimba Tafe Skip pan days and Sutton Road Motokana events, easily keeping up with turbo conterparts.
This car did not have a happy ending. It was involved in a disagreement with a wall on the old Pacific Highway which left it bruised but not dead. After some suspension replacement parts installed by myself and Dannie, the car was sold and the search for MK2 started.

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