Motion Sickness in Holden Commodores

In recent months my mother-in-law got herself a flash new VF Commodore a V6 manual sedan with leather and electric hand brake. The whole family considers themselves to be Holden fans and thus got themselves one of the last of the Commodores long line of family vehicles.
Recently I hitched a ride in the back seat of this lovely vehicle on a short trip to the local shopping centre. The trip was only a few kilometres, however almost as soon as the car started to move I instantly felt ill. Initially I put this ill feeling down to my mother-in-law’s driving. But the return trip revealed the exact same issue and in this case I kept an eye on how the car was being driven. Mum was doing nothing to suggest that her driving was a direct cause of this issue.
Once back to work I did some research. It turns out that I’m not the only one to experience this. I have to admit that perhaps I am a bit soft when it comes to how rapidly I cave to the human weakness that is motion sickness. Fifteen minutes into a bucks weekend of deep sea fishing I was hanging over the edge and booting my guts up on twenty minute intervals. Google database of other “soft” human beings revealed that many people experience this in the back of the VE and VF Commodores.
VE_REAR_8c7bef34-6754-4c4e-82d9-13328ac07c9f_1024x1024The cause for this, it turns out, is the the rear suspension bushes. The reason for this is simply heavily voided, rear cross member to chassis mounts. These make the car very quiet and comfortable inside the cabin, but allow for a little bit of movement in the rear making those in the back seat who are susceptible to motion sickness feel unwell.
There are a few aftermarket options available to resolve this. The solution requires the subframe rubber mounts to be replaced with ones that have been designed to reduce this movement. The set of bushes will set you back an amount in the vicinity of $300 and a fair whack of labour to replace them.

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