Honda HRV Review.

Honda HRV common problemsThe latest vehicle to hit the market from Honda is the all new HRV. With some great marketing, this car is becoming very popular as a low budget SUV and we are seeing lots of them on the streets. There are two common faults with them to keep in mind if your considering buying one.
1. Diff Carrier bearing noise. The HRV only comes in an Automatic and actually runs a CVT transmission. THE CVT is something Honda has experimented with a lot of the past decade or so however it still not perfect. THE HRV seems to be popular for this bearing causing issues. It needs to be said that this bearing is not actually part of the CVT transmission however to replace it the transmission needs to be removed.
2. There is a small plate located on the back of the engine block that is known to leak oil. Its no big deal as the plate can be removed resealed and refitted.
Both these items should be covered under warranty if you decide to buy one.
Other features of the new HRV include the very clever back seat design. This design was actually tried and tested many years ago with the release of the Honda Jazz. (Honda Fit in other nations) It was a huge success and makes a small car very practical if large wagon spaces are needed.
The HRV also features an electric handbrake, which is a new feature for the Honda range. This is something that many other manufacturers have been doing for a few years now, so its not that new.
For the best part so far the HRV has proven to be a good reliable car for a reasonable price. Time may reveal more common issues with them but for now they are a good vehicle and a cheaper option than the CRV.

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