Mazda 2 Steering Knock.

There is almost nothing that goes wrong with a Mazda 2. For years we have advised our customers to buy the beloved brand. In fact it even tops our list for the best cars for students and young people on a limited budget.
Here is a link to another feature we released reviewing the Mazda 2. Mazda 2 Vehicle Review .
Having said that in recent months, as the vehicles have gotten older a few common faults have started to present themselves on a frequent basis.
One of these faults is a clunk or knock in the steering. This noise is actually very similar to the sound that Hyundai give when the gear in the electric steering motor fails. On a Mazda 2 the fault is caused by the universal joints in the intermediate steering shaft. This is the shaft, around a foot long, that connects the steering column to the power steering rack. It has two universal joints (one on each end) as these universal joints fail which causes the knocking noise. It very gradually becomes apparent and slowly gets worse.
After market options are available for this however in our experience they have not lasted even half as long as the genuine Mazda product. Granted the Mazda product is about twice the price but this is a steering component we are talking about. Do you really want the finest knock off product in you cars steering system?
To change the shaft is not difficult but if you don’t know what you are doing there is a risk you will damage the clock spring (wiring to the drivers airbag) and mess up the steering angle. If you are not competent I advise getting this repair carried out by a mechanic. It should not take him or her more than one hour absolute tops.
If you do this repair yourself make sure you set the steering wheel in the dead ahead position and do not turn it whilst the the intermediate shaft is removed.

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