Mazda 2 (DE) 2007- 2014 Review

The Mazda 2 boasts very little. It’s a small compact car with minimal features and not a huge amount going for it. It’s about as exciting as queuing up at the post office but to go with the complete lack of excitement there is actually very little that goes wrong with the small cars.
In fact, the only real gripe anyone can have with this car, would come from the mouths of anyone unfortunate enough to get bowled over by one. The only downfall the car had on the ANCAP safety rating was, that being hit by a young brunette doing her makeup on the way to her part-time employment behind the bar of some questionable establishment, gave an unsatisfactory result.
Common things to look out for on these cars if they have a few kilometres on them include, ignition coil failures, wheel bearing failures and rear shock absorbers leaking. All of these things are considered to be normal wear and tear items too. They can hardly be considered things that make the car unreliable.
If you troll through countless forums of die hard Mazda 2 fans you will find a massive list of whinging about small glove boxes, minimal boot space and lack of cup holders. Somehow these people are surprised that a car boasting a floor space smaller than a Wheet Bix box can’t fit a chest of draws in the boot. Further evidence that Darwinism is a total lie.
mazda 2 vehicle reviewSo what are the fun facts surrounding the car? It is a low budget vehicle, its not got too much in the way of features and most of the common faults people complain about are “creature comforts”. Mechanically these little cars are fantastic. They have no timing belt, saving on costs when it comes to the maintenance of the vehicle. If you are after something small, compact and cheap we can’t recommend this car more. Additionally if you’re planning any hit and runs on innocent pedestrians this is the car for you.
Mechanically the Mazda 2 is very sound. Whilst they fall into the modern day hairdresser car and generally appeal more to the ladies, these cars are highly recommended.

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