Lift Me Higher

Oprah Winfrey says something that I’m sure hundreds of people have said for decades before her, “surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher”. As bleeding obvious as this statement may seem I suspect that like myself very few people actively go about attempting to make this happen.
I can’t say I have ever terminated a friendship or ceased interaction with someone due to my belief that they are or were not “lifting me higher”. Yet at the end of the day the way things stand now through some divine interaction or by my subconscious acting on my decisions, precisely that has happened. The network of friends and family I would call my closest, are lifting me higher.
familyIf I track back through the years of getting this business off the ground, there are many people I have crossed paths with. Customers, suppliers, tow truck drivers, other business owners just to name a few, yet many of these I now no longer deal with. In some cases this is just business but in many cases I believe I have made decisions for one reason or another that ultimately have resulted in relationship being terminated as the relationship was not having a positive effect on me.
I don’t ever recall making the call for that sole purpose. I have had a few fall outs with various people over the years for various reasons, some rational and some not so, but for the best part I tend to get along with most people (this is a good thing for business). However when all is said and done, the network of my closest mates and family are second to none and I can’t believe that was all fate.
friendsI won’t bore you with names (those people know who they are) but I will vouch for the good nature of these people. The loan of property, equipment and suppliers offering credit in the start up days showed that these people believed in the dream, our dream. Moving shops twice now with the free aid of tow trucks, vehicles and above all time. There is a list of people I could call any day, anytime and ask for a lift, help pushing a car or lifting a gearbox which in itself is help money can’t buy, yet the ultimate beauty is these same people then insist in paying full price when it comes to their own vehicle repairs.
Someone once told me “mates rates” should be recommended retail price plus ten percent. This of course is ridiculous and no one is going to do that to their friends but it makes the point. Your true friends will want to see you succeed and are happy to help you on your journey to success. Fortune or divine intervention, I have a hub of close friends and family that are second to none

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