Burnt Fingers

burntfingersThe only serious injury I have incurred through my work is a mishap as a first year apprentice that saw me slip with a large metal pole whilst making the rookie mistake of pulling instead of pushing.
The fastener I was attempting to crack broke off and the pole removed one of my front teeth. For the following ten years I never made that mistake again and aside from scratch’s, cuts and bruising I am relatively unscathed from my career in the automotive industry.
That is until starting my own business, not three months in and I made another rookie mistake. Pressurised  cooling systems are one thing but when its pressurised with steam and not water its a whole other story. I opened the radiator cap on a car that was overheating and found the system full of steam giving myself these serious burns to my hand. Needless to say Christmas 2011 was a slightly painful one as was our holiday that year to Queensland’s theme parks as I had to do it all wrapped up in bandages. I’ve never made the same mistake again.

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