Leaving the Towing Culture Behind

922753_596393403715398_1501670593_n_640x383The next and possibly the greatest step to date in the growth and building of our little enterprise is the move to a workshop independent of another business.
Our relationship with the team at Narrabeen Towing still stood strong, however there were many small factors in place that on their own were manageable but it was a case of too many straws broke the camels back.
The issues that arose were all caused by the business growing and expanding. The busier we became the more parking required, the more hours were needed to work in order to complete the work. This in itself was not a problem however where we were situated was a very, very busy small stretch of road with very limited parking. The busier we got the more of that parking we used as we were often at work many hours before our neighbors. Whilst we were well within legal rights to use this parking one particular neighbor felt it was his right to arrive at work at ten am and expect ample parking for him and his staff. Naturally this was never going to happen and he was quick to blame us and other businesses in the street for this issue.
meon_truckThis was all going on whilst another neighbor was living on sight in an industrial complex and complaining about excessive noise after hours. Admittedly this was us, however said neighbor could not complain about the noise as this would give away to local authorities that he was illegally living in the industrial complex, so in order to protect himself from that discovery he would call up the local council and make up fibs in order to try and get us evicted.
scottyWhenever the authorities investigated these claims they were found to be fabricated and unfortunately the responsibility for all this lay on the Narrabeen Towing company name. With a pack of fruit bats for neighbors and constantly expanding clients we were talking about finding a new premises for a few weeks when one of the tow truck drivers pushed me over the edge.
I don’t recall the exact events but I’m sure it was trivial however one driver who worked for Narrabeen towing just loved to stir the pot. This one night he had me so wound up that I decided then and there we were moving out.

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