A New Workshop

setupshopThe story behind the move to the new workshop when told comes across as a very straight forward process. We looked, we applied and we moved. The reality is this is not the case and it was somewhat stressful.
As I mentioned in a previous blog post a particular tow truck driver had me wound up one night and after heading home we decided to look at what we needed in the way of a new workshop and where would be the ideal location. We concluded we obviously needed more space, more parking, a less busy street and still wanted to remain in Narrabeen or close by. That night we went for a drive and looked at industrial units for lease. We found a few we deemed suitable and the following morning contacted various real estate agents. We got through to one and later that week looked at the site we are now in.
empty_shopWe then faced the major hurdle that was the funds needed for this move. Bond was huge, we would need to purchase our own hoist as the one in the Narrabeen shop was owned by Narrabeen Towing along with a lot of other workshop type equipment. Legal fees with it, the cost of the move itself and thirty days later we would have our first rent due which was to become three times as much as what we were paying at Narrabeen.
We did the maths and realised we did not have enough money. We negotiated for cheaper rent and to reduce the bond by one third. The owner agreed and the maths left us with enough money to buy one meal after the move and that was it. Nothing was allowed to go wrong because we could not afford it.
hoistThen the lawyer’s office misplaced all the originals of the paperwork for the lease and the bond, and naturally the owner’s lawyers wanted originals only so we had to start the whole process again.
The hoist went in whilst the electrician wired it up then we moved it all over and got set up. The move almost sent us broke and was a risky thing to do, we now just had to hope we made enough to pay rent in thirty days time. The work was not far behind.

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