Land Rover Freelander Review

The Land Rover Freelander is not a bad car. In fact of the whole Range Rover and Land Rover range currently not he market the Freelander has the shortest list of common faults. However there are a few things to look out for especially if you are considering purchasing one second hand.
First up, as with all the Range Rover and land Rovers you need to be informed about the service schedules. the dealers state that they can go up to 26,000kms between oil changes. However they do not mention eh fine print that states except in extreme conditions which by the owners Hand book covers almost all of Australian climates year round. We have covered that in this article here.
Land Rover Specialist HornsbyThe next most common issues with these is the rear differential unit. again something to be very careful of if you are looking to buy one second hand. They are common for internal bearing failure, so much so that even second hand units usually have the same fault. We have addressed this issue in this article here.
There are common problems with the turbo chargers on the Freelander two. This will depend on which engine you are looking at below are links to the two common engines with problems with the turbos.
2.2 Diesel 
2.0 LR2
The other common fault with these engines is the EGR vales. Similar to the subject of the frequency of oil changes, this fault occurs because the vehicles are used for stop start city driving and short commutes. This is not ideal for these cars and can cause these problems. We have covered the EGR fault in depth and you can find the article here. 
GDL Automotive Services has a qualified Land Rover and Range Rover technician in our team. Harith is based at our Warriewood store and you can read up about him and his qualifications by clicking here.
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