June Special: Free Rego Inspections

Blue Slip HornsbyJune Special For the whole month of June at all GDL Automotive Services workshops is
It may also interest you to know that recent changes to New South Wales registration laws mean your pink slip/e-safety inspection is now valid for six months.
We have covered this in depth in the article below.
How long does a rego inspection last?
This means that if your registration is due for renewal at any point between now and the end of January 2020 we could carry out your inspection this month and save you the hassle of needing to have your vehicle inspected latter int he year.
Come down this month and get it sorted Free of charge.
*Note This does not include any repairs your vehicle may require for it to pass the inspection. The offer only covers the inspection fees itself.
This promo is a saving of $41
After receiving a fair degree of online trolls we feel the need to also specify that this offer does not include Blue slip inspections.
GDL automotive Services has two sites currently in operation. Hornsby and Warriewood.
Unfortunately, we can’t offer our amazing pickup service with this offer. However if your vehicles close to due for service we can offer the pick-up service and the free rego inspection.
If the timing for you is exceptionally inconvenient due to the fact that neither your service or rego is due, fret not. GDL has introduced Monthly specials and when the time comes there will be an exceptional deal that you could take full advantage of. In the meantime is there anyone in your network that could take advantage of this great offer. Why not introduce them to the GDL experience?
Is your vehicle due for a dose of the GDL love? And has rego in the next six months? If so, book in today and take advantage of this offer.
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