July Special: Free engine conditioning.

As you may be a wear each month GDL Automotive Servcies introduces a freebe. A promotion that allows us to pass on exception savings and value add to our clients.
Throughout the Month of July this promotion covers the Wynns product we use in all our oil changes. Its a friction proofing product. The benefits of this product as per the Wynns product description are
Protects and enhances modern engines.
Reduces friction and wear.
Conditions metal surfaces.
Retards oil ageing.
Reduces fuel consumption.
Prevents oxidation and premature thickening of the oil.
Stops formation of sludge and deposits.Retards fouling of the oil filter.
Does not harm catalytic converters.
Compatible with all mineral, synthetic, single- and multigrade oils and suitable for regular and low SAPS applications.
However from my perspective the greatest advantage of this product kicks in if the unthinkable happens to your vehicle. If for what ever reason you loose the oil from your engine sump, either caused by a leak or a mechanical issue resulting in oil consumption, this product will save your engine.
The Wynns product will greatly reduce the wear that happens to engine components if its forced to run with minimal or no lubrication.
Here is a video clip that demonstrates how it works. Its rushes through it a bit quickly. Basically the wheel is spinning and pressure is added via the leaver, this simulates load on the engine. The results show with normal oil lubrication and the second one shows with the wynns additive.

This is an exceptional preventative maintenance product that on any other month are included in the cost of the service. This month you get it for free. We do advise adding this to your vehicle at any oil change. The catch is, its not for individual sale. Get your car booked in for a service or just an oil change and receive this product completely free throughout July.
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