June Special: Free Brake Fluid Flush.

Our June monthly special is going to be a free brake fluid flush to all services booked at any of the GDL stores. Now, why is this important. So, brake fluid wears out over time. What it does is it’s what’s called highgroscopic This means it absorbs moisture out of the atmosphere. Now depending on whereabouts you live in the world and our altitude in which you live, this will happen at a different rate, but for general purposes here, all brake fluid does the same thing it absorbs moisture out of the atmosphere. After a period of time, basically your brake fluid is going to be a high percentage of water. Waters boiling point is much lower than that of brake fluid. So what ends up happening is your brake fluid can boil at a much lower temperature than what is intended. So to stop this happening, every two years, It is recommended that your brake fluid system be completely flushed. On any vehicle throughout the month of June, we’re doing this totally free for all services at all GDL stores. So get your service booked in and take advantage of this great offer, which normally retails for around $165, depending on the vehicle you drive. Thanks says Danny from GDL Automotive.
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