Jeep WK2 Fuel Pump recall

If you own a WK2 you probably know about the Z46 recall that is in place.

This recall covers a possible fault with the high pressure fuel pump on the Diesel motors.

The pump in question is mounted on the front of the engine and is driven by the engines timing chains and sprockets. This is not the in tank fuel pump or low pressure fuel pump. The recall may also include some parts of the high pressure fuel system including the fuel injector lines and the driver side fuel rail.

The pump is mounted on the driver side of the engine (right hand drive vehicles) behind the protection plate which has the identifying number stickers on it

This recall has been in place for as far back as late 2021 and Jeep Australia have not been able to issue the required repairs needed due to a shortage of parts.

Jeeps data suggests up to 43,000 vehicles are effected.

Jeep Australia and the parent company Stellantis inform us that the parts are now available for this recall to be carried out. We have had reports of some customers contacting the dealership only be told that they have already run out of the necessary parts. At this stage we can neither confirm nor deny this fact.

The vehicles effected are the Diesel motors on 2010-2022 Grand Cherokee WK2. The problem: The high-pressure fuel pump (HPFP) may fail, causing an engine stall. The fix: Dealers will replace the HPFP and inspect and replace additional fuel system components, as necessary, free of charge.

Here is a link that lists the VIN numbers of every Jeep this recall effects

If you are not sure, contact your dealer and check.

At this stage this repair can only be carried out by authorised Jeep Dealerships.

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